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 Linkshell's Acomplishments

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Linkshell's Acomplishments Empty
PostSubject: Linkshell's Acomplishments   Linkshell's Acomplishments EmptyThu Dec 27, 2007 3:39 am

This will be updated with all the accomplishments we've gotten as a LS, moderators can alter this, noone else

Monday, December 10th: LS created Razz
Tuesday, December 25th: Rank 4 - Delfkutt's Tower; acquired by Aliyan and Gilien, helped by Nostradameus and Laisteinsight.
Tuesday, December 25th: Rank 3 - Dragon; acquired by Poopi, Zellrack, Morzan and Doot, helped by Nostradameus.
Wednesday, December 26th: Rank 3 - Dragon; acquired by Makealian, helped by Aliyan and Doot (well, Doot didn't 'help' so much as just 'miss a lot'..)
Thursday, December 27th: Rank 4 - Delfkutt's Tower; acquired by Detrix and Charlottie, helped by Sidi.
Thursday, December 27th: AF - SAM legs; acquired by Shadowsong, helped by Stig.
Friday, December 28th: Job - Dragoon; acquired by Fiend, helped by Shadowsong.
Friday, December 28th: Rank 5
Tuesday, January 1st: Rank 4 - Delfkutt's Tower; acquired by Omnicent and Hakudoshi, helped by Nostradameus.
Tuesday, January 1st: AF3 - BLM; acquired by Laisteinsight, helped by Nostradameus and Meemo.
Sunday, January 28th: AF2- Gallant Leggings; acquired by Detrix, assisted by Nostradameus, Meemo, and Civiline.
Friday, February 1st: Moldavite Earring; acquired by Sidi, assisted by Meemo and various other non-LS people (Yogehi, Sifu, and Riyon).

I dunno what else yet, but for now, there it is, heehee..., just inform me of anything I'm missing, and we'll add

Linkshell's Acomplishments Pbucket
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Linkshell's Acomplishments
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