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 Heaven's Inferno video collection

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Heaven's Inferno video collection Empty
PostSubject: Heaven's Inferno video collection   Heaven's Inferno video collection EmptyThu Jan 10, 2008 4:58 pm

Hello folks!
As a first post I'll just pour here all the videos I and my brother have been doing since the game launch. Some are very nice, some others are truly embarassing. 8P All for your consumption. 8P

All the text below this is my brother's (Ryumi's):

Original Mission Movies

This section includes the first movies ever made by myself when I started toying with Fraps.

"The ruins of Fei'Yin" (Mission 5-1)

First movie ever made for Inferno back in 2004, and it pretty much shows the signs of aging.

"Xarcabard, Land of Truths" (Mission 5-2)

Second video made, this one regarding the Rank 6 SL battle. Not very satisfied about it, due to some lack of

Rise of The Zilart Movies

This section includes all the movies Inferno made about the Rise of The Zilart expansion pack.

"The Temple of Uggalepih" (Zilart Mission 4)

This video shows a little of Den of Rancor and the Temple itself, as well as the BC battle. Long intro since,
back in the days, mission movies weren't that common.

"Headstone Pilgrimage" (Zilart Mission 5)

Ugh. THat's all I can say about this movie. For several reasons only two fights made it into the movie, and
adding a few laggy scenes, I really should have dumped this movie.

"Through the Quicksand Caves" (Zilart Mission 6)

This is much better than the previous one, but still has some rough edges.

"Return to Delkfutt's Tower" (Zilart Mission 8 )

The famous Kam'lanaut BC fight. Seems harder in the video as the mean level was about 65 at the time (getting
the ZMs all done in a short time span was really uncommon back then). I started creating my own footage (the
end part) in this movie.

"Ark Angels" (Zilart Mission 14)

This was done a long time after ZM8, due to the difficulty of finding people willing to do the single fights,
not to mention Inferno died during the making of this movie (but the movie still uses the Inferno logo).

"The Celestial Nexus" (Zilart Mission 16)

I had the idea of making this movie for a long time, and back then only Cruia with Recollection showed a few
glimpses of the BC fight agains Eald'Narche (as there was little incentive for doing them, just to complete the
story). This was one of the first movies about ZM16, also the last to use the Inferno logo.

Chains of Promathia Movies

This section includes all mission and quest movies coming from Chains of Promathia.

"Distant Beliefs" (PM2-3)

I never managed to do Promyvions movies even if I wanted to, so I started with the Minotaur fight. I don't
think it's a great movie, but watch for yourselves. Till PM4-2 the CoP movies use the Inferno logo and name.

"Ancient Vows" (PM2-5)

I had a lot of ideas for this movie, but due to a hard drive overheating problem little of it was filmed by
myself. So I'm not really satisfied with the results.

"Ancient Vows" - redux

Same mission, but done with my own char this time. I tried to fix the flaws of the original one, but I'm not
sure I've succeded.

"Darkness Named" (PM3-5)

The Diabolos fight movie is one of the my favorites, as I think the music blends well with the whole sequence.

"The Savage" (PM4-2)

Another pretty bad movie, due to the fact little happens, save the almost wipe in the end. Tried to remake it
when I did the same mission but didn't manage.

"The Secrets of Worship" (PM4-3)

Another dungeon crawling mission, another movie I'm dissatisfied with.

"Desires of Emptiness" (PM5-2)

The Promyvion-Vhazl movie, including two of the three NMs on the way. Picky people will notice immediately that
there's a repeated clip, a mistake I made while encoding.

"Three Paths: Head Wind" (PM5-3)

Another horrible movie, due to lack of footage (since the fight started very bad but managed to return back in
tracks), I'm putting it in nevertheless.

"Three Paths: Flames for the Dead" (PM5-3)

Snoll Tzarr BC fight, decent I'd say, but nothing more.

"Three Paths: A Century of Hardships" (PM5-3)

The Moblin BC, aside being the easiest of the PM5-3 missions, turned out to be the best of all three movies I
did about those missions. I had planned to film the Tenzen path but scrapped it due to lack of interest.

"One To Be Feared" (PM6-4)

The (in)famous airship battle, also one of the most popular Heavensinferno movies. I was pretty much inspired
by the first movie ever done about this battle, by Nattsumi of Midgarsormr. In fact I used two songs that were
used in that movie, and credited Nattsumi for it. Despite some lacking coverage on Ultima, I still like the

"The Warrior's Path" (PM7-5)

All I can say about this video is "meh". The Tenzen parth wasn't really good due to a screwup, and I was
starting experimenting with music in the cutscenes.

"A Fate Decided" (PM8-2)

The last crawling mission, also features a small clip of sea since it wasn't that common when it was filmed.

"When Angels Fall" (PM8-3)

Another famous mission, due to the Ix'zdei being really annoying in getting killed. The movie features clips
from different tries till the win.

"Dawn" (PM8-4)

Probably the most famous HI movie ever made, not the first one done on the subject, but I believe the first one
with the ending sequence incorporated in it (though the Distant Worlds music is the long version, not the one
you hear). I'm pretty much satisfied about it.

"Storms of Fate" (Bahamut Battle Quest)

The movie was done following a huge effort in coordinating a pickup alliance (though preparations took a couple
weeks) for this battle. The results are, well decent, though I'm not satisfied with the movie due to lack of

"Apocalypse Nigh" (Final CoP/Zilart Misssion)

Another known movie, which basically concludes the whole Zilart and Promathia storyline. Footage is from
different tries, though I've tried blending as much as possible.

"Dynamis-Buburimu Trial Run"

First run done by my brother Dynamis LS, it ended up in a wipe, but I tried to somewhat masquerade it 8P

"Dynamis-Buburimu Clear Run"

Same as above, but this time a clear run. Due to lack of footage, I cut the part of the Mega Boss Fight.

"Dynamis-Qufim Trial Run" NEW 13/10/06

Trial run of Dynamis-Qufim, a little short and choppy at times due to lag, but I think it's not that bad.

New Mission Movies

This section is about mission movies done in more recent times, when I had more experience in working with

"Xarcabard, Land of Truths - Redux" (Mission 5-2)

Tried redoing the Shadow Lord fight movie, but even in this case I wasn't really satisfied with the results.

"Moon Reading" (Windurst Mission 9-2)

I've always wanted to film this mission so when I had the chance to do it, I put a lot of effort on it. I think
it's very good, especially ending.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan Movies

This section includes (obviously) any ToAU-related material.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Short teaser trailer I made to start the ToAU movies.

The Land of Sacred Serpents

Video covering the first eight missions and some Assault footage. Unfortunately it's too long, should have cut a couple minutes or more.

The Black Coffin

Shield of Diplomacy

Puppet in Peril

Shades of Vengeance

Legacy of the Lost

Path of Darkness

Nashmeira's Plea

Wings of the Goddess Movies

Movies that deal with the new expansion

Final Fantasy XI - Wings of the Goddess (promo movie)

Miscellaneous Movies

Movies that don't fall in the categories above.

Heroes of Vana'diel Part I & II

Those were an attempt to make a sort of promotional movies for our LS. About the first one I can only say it sucks very bad. I put it on for sake of completeness. The second one (done a long time after the first) is bad but not as bad as the first one. After the second I realized I couldn't really made decent "story" movies so I just stopped trying.

Mirror Images

Final BC quest of the Fellowship NPC saga. It isn't really good but it's not as bad either.

Prime Avatar Fights

Single Avatar fights (Fenrir and Diabolos not included) movies. Didn't really put a lot of effort in those.

If the thread stays alive I'll try to have it updated when I add something. Comments, suggestions are welcome.
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Heaven's Inferno video collection
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