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 Random FFXI Videos~

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Random FFXI Videos~ Empty
PostSubject: Random FFXI Videos~   Random FFXI Videos~ EmptyFri May 09, 2008 3:02 am

Ever get bored waiting for that airship? How about that party? Maybe you're just wanting to pass time while FFXI is down.

I'm going to list a few of my favourite videos I like to watch during my times of being bored.

Feel free to post anything you like watching!

-Taru Can Do Anything
A cute video of Taru vs Mithra, using a song from 'Annie'

-Tarutaru PBJ Dance
Funny vid of a Taru emoting to PBJ song

-Lady Marmalade meets FFXI
I was so scared when I first saw this. It's rather funny. Bunch of males dancing.

- Death Glitch
Not really a glitch at all. I think the song made me giggle more than the actual vid, BUT seeing a sniff Mithra is pretty lol too.

Ever wanted to see a DRG in old school Mario?
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Random FFXI Videos~
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