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 How's everyone? ._.

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How's everyone? ._. Empty
PostSubject: How's everyone? ._.   How's everyone? ._. EmptyTue Jun 10, 2008 10:27 am

cat Omg cat icon...


Most people don't know this, but my laptop recently crapped out on me. I lost everything and now it has to go in for repairs because something internal has also died. I found my FFXI CDs (finally) So I should have myself up and running within the next few days. However, since I'm using my bf's PC, my playtime is fairly limited for now.
If *anyone* has any screen shots, banners or anything I've made, can you please send them my way. Either post em here or email to
I don't think I ever handed out my DAT mod for my face, but if anyone has that, yeah. I'd like it to. >_> I don't want to remake it.


<3 Cele-chan
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A really fuzzy fiend o' The Fuzz-Master
A really fuzzy fiend o' The Fuzz-Master

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How's everyone? ._. Empty
PostSubject: Re: How's everyone? ._.   How's everyone? ._. EmptyThu Jun 12, 2008 3:16 pm

Same thing too Celene it's almost a month since my PC crashed my bro's gonna order a new motherboard this weekend I still have my CDs so I'll be back up and running next week i hope Smile

How's everyone? ._. Pbucket

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How's everyone? ._.
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